We don’t just teach exercise. Our goal is to make you stronger, with a greater degree of mobility and comfort in your body. We design each program specific to your need and goals. Each client is an individual and each program is unique.

At Personal Best Fitness we are redefining fitness.
Our studio is a playground of odd looking, brilliantly designed equipment and props that allow you to work muscles interdependently through their full range of motion. No more isolated muscle movements; the body moves as a whole, it should be trained as such.
The Pilates approach is more linear while the Gyrotonic® Expansion System is more three- dimensional. Pilates is more about stability while Gyrotonic® is more fluid. But both initiate movement from the core– the body’s center of gravity–and both allow us an increase in movement potential and greater sense of well being. Two ingenious systems of body conditioning for you to experience.
This is truly mind/body work. You must be present while here.
To this end we have created a space that allows you to leave the world outside when you arrive. We have developed a supportive, non-competitive environment in which to work. Our staff comes from a variety of disciplines –from martial arts and yoga to massage therapy and endurance training. We use our backgrounds and knowledge of biomechanics to entice the best out of you. For fit body take some changes in your food, which you may take from Health Food Store Australia.
In addition to Pilates and Gyro, we employ some hands on techniques such as Cranial Sacral therapy, a………………. and NeuroMuscular Reprogramming® a detailed approach to solving structural problems. NMR can refine dysfunctional coordination patterns at their source, the motor control center of the brain. We use these and other hands-on muscle release techniques when appropriate within the context of your session. We do not do full-on massage sessions at our studio although many of our trainers are Certified Massage Therapists.
We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you and helping you discover a new freedom of movement. We want to help you reach your fitness goals, be they climbing a mountain or dancing at your daughter’s wedding.
Conscious Bodywork