Whether you would admit it or not, there are numerous things which everyone hate.  Moreover, some people hate the same things!  Let me introduce you to the list of ten universal things which everyone most certainly hates.

white-sock-feet1. Stepping Into Something Wet While Wearing Your Socks

The most annoying feeling is when you step into something wet and your socks get wet!  Ugh!  Imagine walking around with wet socks – the worst kind of feeling ever!

2. Queuing

Another thing we universally hate is of course standing in line, waiting for something.  I don’t know anyone who likes to queue and to wait and doesn’t get annoyed by it.


3. Traffic Jam

When we are talking about waiting, another thing we hate is definitely having to wait and being stuck in a traffic jam.  Especially if you are in a rush, heading to work, or even worse, if you are heading back home from work.  There is nothing worse than having to wait to come back home!

4. Morning Alarm

Don’t you just hate when you have to get up in the morning, and your alarm clock goes off, but you really don’t feel like getting up?  Yeah, I think you are very familiar with that feeling.  At least I know I most definitely am!


5. Low Battery

Another thing we definitely, absolutely hate is having low battery on your device.  What can make this situation even worse, is if you are prevented from charging your phone at the moment.

6. Being Interrupted

When you are trying to communicate if someone interrupts you it can be rather annoying.  Another thing with being interrupted is that often you will completely forget what you were saying, which will make you only even more annoyed.

7. Internet Ads (Especially Youtube!)

I hate Internet ads!  Especially the ones on Youtube.  In most cases you have to wait for at least couple for minutes in order to be able to skip to the thing you wanted to see in the first place. Ugh, so utterly annoying!


8. Occupied Toilets

When you have to go, you have to go!  And when you cannot go to you become very frustrated!  Occupied toilets are definitely another thing which can go on our nerves.

9. Burnt Tongue

The sensation of a burnt tongue can be around for what seems like days!  Of course, the most annoying part is that you won’t be able to taste any food whatsoever! Gross!

10. Cold Pizza and Warm Beer

I really hate cold pizza.  But what I hate even more is warm beer.  Combine these two, and it’s definitely nightmare!  There is only one way to solve this, and that is to move around the adjectives.  It should always be warm pizza and cold beer, never the other way around!