Since underwear is unseen, some guys think that it really does not matter what they wear underneath. This is such a flawed thought. Your underwear is with you the whole day and night, even if it can’t be seen, you know its there. And it pays to pay attention to them. The basic rules for underwears are:

• A guy needs to have no less than 10 underwears readily available at any given time
• Throw away underwear that is scruffy, or even if it only has a tiny hole or small rip or even slightly tattered
• Your underwear should at all times look as though it was made for a real man

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Now for the underwear dos:
• Do have an assortment of underwear.

The general rule is no less than 10 pairs of skivvies readily available at all times, one pair for Monday to Sunday and three pairs for unexpected situations. But if you are the active and athletic type or a guy who sweats a lot you need to have more. Just because you’re the sedentary type, however, does not mean that you can have less than the 10 minimum.

• Do banish worn underwear and replace them with new ones.

It does not matter if your skivvies only have a tiny hole or slightly frayed in the waist area, throw them away and buy new ones to replace it. Trying to save on your underwear expense could cost you more.

• Do discover the size, style and brand that fit you perfectly

Shopping for underwear is a real challenge especially because it is one clothing item that you can’t try on. Once you find the style and brand that suits you best and fit perfectly get more than what you need. In the future, when you need to replace them, look for the same size, style and brand.

• Do wear clean underwear
Make sure that you wash your underwear after every wear and put on clean ones every time. If you prefer white undies, then make sure that they are whiter than white.

Here are some more things to learn for men-

The right fashionable clothes for a particular body type is what you need to ensure that you look great in everything that you wear. Here are some fashion tips for various body types:

• Men with short waist – Keep away from low rise jeans. A tuck-in shirt and tank tops that barely reach your waist are also no-go. Go for pullovers and pants or trousers that are an inch higher than your normal waist. Aim for a vertical image with monochrome and try to avoid contrast when you pair shirt and pants colors. You can make your own tshirts to  look impressive which will draw attention away from your waist.

• Men with long waist – Fashion clothes for men with long waist is the exact opposite of those for men with short waist. High rise or high waist jeans should be avoided and tucking in your shirt will do wonders for you. Contrast rather than monochrome should also be your choice to cut the elongated image of the body. Double-breasted coats or jackets will also create the same effect.

• Men with flat behinds – Clothes for men with flat butts include pants or trousers with perfect fit and straight legs. Straight leg pants draw attention away from the flat butt. Keep away from baggy pants and go for fitted pants instead.

• Men with bulky behinds – The key to the perfect style for men with prominent behinds or butts is the appropriate undergarment that tightly pulls up the butt and upper thigh such as biking shorts or boxer briefs. Flat front pants rather than pleated pants will have a slimming effect on men with big butts.

• Men with large bellies – Hiding or camouflaging a big belly should be the goal for men with big bellies. This goal can be achieved by wearing dark colored clothes and clothes made of light materials. Wearing an undershirt under a sweater or pullover will have the effect of pulling in your belly.